SEE Compulsory Science Question Paper 2075 (2019) RE-111 'BP'

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Apr 05, 2020

  • 0 Symbol No. «0.0... RE-111 ‘BP’ feaqat war: SEE 2075 (2019) afrart Prat fderrer arercar ara delta fester sae fete | Q war ay Pra rita : 04 aa yereeat gat Peqe | (Answer all the questions.) aqe ‘&’ (Group 'A') q. Wear Teaeeay ser sux Reger 15x1=15 Write short answer of the following questions. a. p TAT SrA RCT TAT 'g' FT HTT HT EHR? What is the value of acceleration due to gravity 'g' at the centre of the earth? arqavsciia arr aAat % et ? (What is atmospheric pressure?) Sifaee rare Hr eeeiter Tare Tee ASTI | Write any two examples of bio-fuel. FART HEM TAT AT TSAT TTT Tae Hea AAT STAT | Write the relation between heat gain or loss by a body with its surface area. faegit 1 ara eH AATaT et & aT? The magnification is less than 1. What does it mean? art AATF At? (What is acid?) Fafa are waeT % eT ? (What is an alloy?) fragt aeatertat IUPAC ATH & € ? What is IUPAC name of methyle alcohol? aret BA aaT UsaT HET Pr ara TeTENT | Write one special property of water glass. TAU forsHTATRTaaT ATT STETL | Write the name of nongranular leukocytes. @EAaTaIe AAT BH AT ? (What is kinetochore?) A SE area SelSRAT AT STAT | Name any two plant hormones. . Sasa Senhs ATT AeAETA | (Write scientific name of pea.) araracoiier veer AAT & AT ? (What is environmental pollution?) o. Fea aft Tat TAT F a 7 (What is crude oil?)
  • 1 111'BP" (2) 4°. 1. Rr aye ‘a (Group 'B') 13x2=26 fereqe aedter wart aeaerat vei at aap, Part? A permanent magnet cannot be used in the electric bell. Why? ferterere atereretier erat atraraer warere were Te ? How do ciliary muscles focus our eye? frard t aanat frarrta cE HH FETT | Write any two differences between Archimedes principle and principle of floatation. Aeeat TAM SATS TCHS OTH AT Afeers, TX Tat Shey ATTA ATT afer, fart? Alcohol thermometer can measure the temperature of an ice but cannot measure the boiling point of water. Why? HATTA TATE aaRT fRaafteray + ere? Fat 2 What is the reactivity of non-metal when its size increases? Why? Tearat wee ECTS Aeafert Fa THOTT AST | Write the following word equation into balanced formula equation. arefes onat + ener ces FTES — FMT Tete + UT Nitric acid + calcium hydroxide > calcium nitrate + water A Uh TAR OMT Gea BSS ATA T aes ai rg | et eat TAT aria year afsay arat t cegtaraares amare ferg | dt carreeat apt ae | ave fetteectrs et carafe vere ofr aeqeTT | Achemical substance gives hydrogen ion and chloride ion when dissolved in water. Similarly another chemical substance gives sodium ion and hydroxide ion. Write their molecular formula and also chemical reaction between them. HHH feewat aaa aa UAT Taher ATT SeTETAL | TaT roid aifresar scar ardrare wa-Casiter eeetrarg -OH ye H-C-C-C-H Prefer meh ater x caesar seer ey HH Name the compound having the given structural formula. Which compound is formed when one hydrogen atom from each carbon is replaced by -OH group and also ) write its one application. cam fecrat aap Carats Tet at Perares eT | Write any two differences between adult silkworm and its larva. ated t afrcmeran firares THe Atereat eer, fer ? Walls of auricles and ventricles are not of same thickness. Why? fafa ¢ seaitadrar qatar He AST | Write any two differences between variation and mutation.
  • 2 R qe. 4. %. Ww. 45. 48. 0. 6)) 111'BP’ Ag err Ht GE ree TET | Write any two functions of medulla oblongata. qed caparedta Tet SF FE SHTAATee AETETT | Write any two similarities between the Earth and Venus. wyF ‘W (Group 'C') 6x3=18 qeeatrat firs 1.9x10 kg | t aat fos 2x10% kg FI et ae frvseedtaar TecareetT at 4.3x102N ¥ a A ae fewsdrrat et TET TTTSAETT Mass of Jupiter is 1.9x10™ kg and mass of the Sun is 2x10™ kg. Calculate the distance between them if the gravitational force between them is 4.3x10”N. “free afro freaat Gat Tews aTSAG 1” Fa wares Ofte TAT | "The world will face energy crisis in near future." Justify this statement. aa Bal aay? e/a aed SST | How can you prepare soap? Write with word/formula equation. vara aes TAHA aaea fatter atfeea faa arciert atecrated TASTE | Draw wel-labelled diagram of laboratory preparation of carbondioxide gas with balanced chemical equation. ferent Prater wire Paaaret FarsqeTa | Draw a diagram of sex determination. at werent arena wa Bt Set ToaEe sear THT | Identify any three ways for the management of domestic wastage. aE ‘WY (Group 'D') 4x4=16 rere Pars araetran Te PET TTTSR ET ~ Iron anil yy Fat TST | CP Observe the given figure and > VV Pins answer the following questions. i) ere Prerat EA HAT TUTETAT BF ? Which effect of current electricity J His is shown in the diagram? lati ii) 7a viparens & abt ? mers What is this process called? iii) Ted aA eS F AP? What is the magnet so formed by this process called? iv) aad art arareat wlat cart H TH Vet 2? eeiter aieor aeqeTT | How can we increase the strength of magnet formed by this method? Write any two ways. PAT:
  • 3 111'BP' (4) . Tartarrat TANT eT 19 BF aA Pret TeAeeaT Ta PETA! Answer the following questions if atomic number of potassium is 19. i) Fa-Berat aTaTCT ear eeraa lire fara HeqTT | Write the electronic configuration of it on the basis of sub-shell. ii) waar tfentss ofrerr Wt ffs seta THT Write its group and period in periodic table. iii) aT aca t RAT aad et Terai vfeearet aedirt aa atteor eT | ‘Write the balanced chemical equation of chemical reaction between this element and chlorine. iv) Oe acaeet Pea User Hees AST | Write its an importance in plant. a. feqat fara serena Eh fee cereeaT SAT ATT Study the given diagram and answer the following questions. i) Sfsrefes Groritest faferat Ta STENT | Name the method of vegetative propagation. ii) Whrefer Garret aarrenkre WHT WaT THAT TET SIT AST | Write a cause that vegetative propagation is applied commercially. iit) 7a faferat qesirer Heca AeTETT | Write two importance of this propagation. Qe. TAT rere EMIT TE ET TSS TT TR | AFA TT ATTA ET TTT ae Fl STARA GEM wes Bl rare Arles C BTA IRA STAT MATS Ofaa AREaT | Fifrar TeraT aTaTCAT Per TeTeRTRAT ATH PTTL | Following are the findings in a study done on the earth environment. The temperature of respective environment is increasing. The number of amphibians are decreasing. Human beings are suffering from cataracts and skin cancer. Answer the following question on the basis of above facts. i) afer Sfewar TereKa ICT F Sta ? What is the cause of above findings? ii) Wife raearar]e Ahint Ter FH TATE 7 What is to be done to remain safe from above conditions? iii) AUTART ARTAT TA User eT TET ETS | Write one more similar harmful effect to human health. iv) at Soa area ATTHAAT H AAT Tee? What happens to the environment temperature at this condition? ose