SEE Compulsory Science Question Paper 2075 (2019) RE-111'AP'

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Apr 05, 2020

  • 0 Symbol No. « RE-111'AP' SEE 2075 (2019) afrard fast Reever Pterrer areca arnt weir fester get RT | war: 2 wat yy rae oie : x aa yerewat Tat Pq | (Answer all the questions.) wag ‘@’ (Group 'A') q. Tae WeASEaT Bet Tae PeqETT | 15x1=15 Write short answer of the following questions. a. b. c. eaten QaaT Tea THT ATT Bie Srey? What is the value of acceleration due to gravity at the pole of the earth? puller aefere aa WAT * Et ? (What is alternative source of energy?) Ht TA TEN WA AT ATS TTT a EA AT aS RTT AK Ty? In which two factors does the heat gain or loss by any object depend upon? aweatien aera GATT AeAEML | (Define converging lens.) SRTHHL AGT & eT? (What is transformer?) oat feet carats viatwaeeal Tae ce, Write the types of given chemical equation. i) C +0, >CO, ii) 2KCIO, — 2KCl + 30, qeer aaa afeara feAeaTq | (Define neutral salt.) AAT Talal ASFCAT ATH AAEM | (Name any two ores of iron.) afeprat TAY TA Tera | (Write general formula of alkene.) sore ae aes Tere Para Tester Tolreeaer ATT ASAT | Write the name of two species of silkworm cultivated in Nepal. ws Cra are Perera AT SATE | Write the name of vein in which pure blood flows. Write any two chromosomal disorders caused by sex chromosome. . facet wal aerat aT Tart afer frearat ana & alTaz What is the part of plant called that is used for root in grafting. wea TNT He Baal HTaeeaT Geta TATA | Mention any two effects of water pollution. ASTHMA Tet ed faeareweT Seah BA aT STAT ATT AT? In which eras do owl and flowering plants evolved? a
  • 1 RE-111'AP’ (2) 4°. 1 R a. ag ‘a’ (Group 'B') 13x2=26 aay acess PSHM FONTS aa TAHT Tey , Use sea dit A as SMA Het Te Sra? SILT HEART | Kathmandu lies at high altitude than Biratnagar from sea level. Where does an object has more weight between two places? Give reason. aarerat eater Sarat Gat wear seafarers aa wate Peary, fet? eT qeater arated Wee TART | In the context Nepal, hydropower should be given more priority rather than fossil fuel. Why? Justify with two reasons. & ag? far? What happens if an egg is kept in two beakers containing pure water and saturated salt solution? Why? fare feecH ATEHTA AIK VAT TPCT A FE STUER ASAT | Mention any two reasons of using nicrome wire in electric heater. arate tfentes anfecerrat at agate fasrraee ae | Write any two characteristics of modern periodic table. urate ag ¢ freer aregractita array at ardera waite after TENT | Sat AH TUTaT Tae IMITATE STEN | Write the balanced chemical reaction between Aluminium metal and dilute hydrochloric acid. Mention the type of reaction with reason. frratrerat ACAI A A SAT AeA HA UH TTA TAT AeA | Write a structural formula of glycerol and write any one use of ethyl alcohol. Siar Herel TH ET TEairey TATE TELE | Write any two functions of organic fertilizer. Ua U Segecss seater Pea TTT | Write two differences between axon and dendrites. faeaion aoa C Tete aes eeaal HUH ETT | Write two differences between systemic and pulmonary blood circulation. faguat aida aa vines SaTsag 2 gad oPRATaT alae AATCAT (44, xx) € (44, xy) A HE Geta TR! ola |G Which process is represented by given chart? [(22,))[44,ay | (44,0) According to that process write down differences between (44, xx) and (44, xy). SM (are) taal ares at TEaATST Hee TET | Write any two differences between drone bee and worker bee. PAT:
  • 2 qe. 4. %. WV. 45. 48. 0. (3) RE-111'AP' Why is meteor generally finished before reaching the earth surface. wag ‘WT (Group 'C’) 6x3=18 Fer TARA AL UTA Sow, ? Fegrat Pra Pree A, Bl FaAwaA SOcm tet Aja AAGA 0.2m?sx | fares A, AT 250N 41 oat arTsaT fees Aa ie Tt Tot FGI What is the condition for an object to sink in water? The cross-sectional area of piston A, and A, is 50cm? and 0.2m? respectively. How much load can lift in piston A, if 250N force is applied on piston A,. - eter TATA AT EMT Lee TTT TAT, re TTA PS, Paes ATT ae TAT Carnal aadrar THAT TA Sas AAT Tato TART | Prove that heat loss or gain by an object is equal to the product of mass of object, specific heat capacity and change in temperature. AT Tat St AA, AL aT AU TT A A? Ga TTT wot erat ofeara TA ae after Hae TA ales ? In the given figure, red litmus paper is inserted in solution and colour remains unchanged then what may be contained in vessel among acid, base and salt solution. How can it be further tested to confirm it? aiaere fart Garden aa aren aig? ae ats tae feet aise ae aeeireT sraihra rere | Why is glass called fourth state of matter? Write any two uses of water glass and lead crystal glass. Draw neat and clean diagram of reproductive part of plant and label its four major parts. Aaa TE BeISa TUS aT faAsieeas FF ara fee? EA GaATaT THATS TET | What will you suggest to your neighbours so that it can help to reduce soil pollution? Write any six suggestions. PAT:
  • 3 RE-I11'AP’ (4) aq ‘a (Group 'D') 4x4=16 RQ. Weel eae aera Settee TA 20 cm ¥ 1 Gat AAAS 10 cm We ARTS Wel aa at avafeet qecter waft eter | Sad aca aTTeT Ta erITSAeTe | Draw a ray diagram of an image formed when an object is placed at a distance of 10 cm from a convex lens having focal length 20 cm. Write any two nature of image. Calculate the power of lens. 22, feu fa seme we fae geaeeaT Gat BS -regreter a ferent Study the given diagram and answer the following questions. i) PHA TTA EA ITA HEAT ESAT BF ? Which gas is collected in gas jar? ii) Tare Sees fort Geet TR UfaTaT | 7 Why is the gas jar kept erect? iii) Tat THAME Weraae aresiaeargsat carats safer WesaT F ST? ara carat attercatte aera | ‘What happen when gas is reacted with potassium hydroxide? Write the balanced chemical equation. 33. Aral Teer awa fpga (HH) ¢ Bet Teer wear fET(hh)ye AarTare sect T aa Saray Gaara aTETCAT Bar wt afooreng are Farsqea | elite sara fron aa aera araeas | 2 afte THE Draw a chart to show the first generation and second generation resulted due to the fusion of gamets of long-winged housefly (HH) and short-winged housefly (hh). Which generation shows the law of purity of gamets? Justify it. Qe. ATTA oe PAST A HET TATA AT SAT | Sat Ta aT BIST TAST faarer 1g Taras aAtE coated SEM TAT | Write the name of main chemical which destroys ozone layer. How is ozone layer is depleted by that chemical? Describe with chemical equation. ae