SEE Question paper of Office Management and Accounting (ऐच्छिक द्वितीय कार्यालय सञ्चालन र लेखा) 2075

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Apr 06, 2020

  • 0 Symbol No SEE 2075 (2019) RE-301 thee fala araisa aad t tat Reece Préerrer ararcr arat defer fasta cae Rear | waa: 3 aver ay frre quia : aye ‘e’ (Group 'A') Wael WeARwSa UH aT Tat feqera | Xxd=X Answer the following questions in one sentence : 4. fateh ororen aera waa Faas TONG ? Who sends quotation letter to whom in foreign Trade ? fear career carrer arr ae BeTAT sO Pet ? In which country central Bank was established at first ? RAS TANT TE AAT aS aA |r Tare TLE 7 Which account is prepared before balance sheet ? TOT ATE ee ASST aT STAT leet wa 2 faa. AT Teena WATT | When was 'Kumari chowk Adda’ established in Nepal ? Mention in B.S. 4, Sep ard Pearse 4.4.9, TET | Write the AGF No of Bank cash Book. wag ‘a’ (Group 'B') Wea WASAT Bet TAC Peery | Sx¥=¥o Answer the following questions in short. &. fect cae oat earaieg ot ee oiasiter Hues GeteS TATT | q+ Y= Mention any five considerations while preparing a Tipani. @ refers ATaI SB at? Hrehersat ASAT AALACAT eA | q4¥=% What is filing ? Write eight needs of filing. 5. Oa fet ara 2? aaah ¢ faaeht ores Stace ee Tee PTT Terr wee | q+ ¥=4 Why is trade necessary? Mention any four difference between home and foreign Trade. &, wat Ten gone aa Uiaeier GewseeaT agar aula THETA | % Explain in brief any five objectives of New accounting system. 90. aera feara aren ara ST? A Tae Ue ATCairaT aPeaTEe ETE | 4+ V=% What is budget sheet ? Mention any four methods of preparing budget sheet. PAT:
  • 1 RE-301 (2) 1 R R aa feguat faawret ararcat ABC aFydiat Roe, oat 34 Fl aAaT erdteror Tare TAT: 4 Prepare Trial Balance of ABC Company from the following particulars on 2075 Ashad 31". Rs. (®) tft (Capital) 1,00,000/- (@) @fz (Purchase) 3,00,000/- (at) fart (Sales) 6,00,000/- (a) TET waaTAT (rent paid) 30,000/- () era (Depreciation) 20,000/- (=) a ET (Bank loan) 50,000/- (3) @aara SATA (Business premises) 3,50,000/- (4) fr& (Machinery) 50,000/- ae erat SrTaEeaT MITA Tat Ferg FaNTaT RO’, AAT WATRTAT ATT ATTA fears Gla TA TAT | y Prepare Profit and Loss Account of Surkhet Ghee Industry on the end of Asar 2075 from the given Transactions. Rs. (%) at azar (Gross loss) 2,50,000/- (@) =st Wa (Interest received) 50,000/- (1%) [email protected] ge (Purchase received) 20,000/- (&) Tera (Salary) 80,000/- (¥) Brera wet (Commission received) 30,000/- (=) atte’ gaat (Carriage outward) 40,000/- (@) WAH (Stationery) 60,000/- farafafad farce ararcar wa PACH LOGY MATT HATATAT ATA TAT Wer! x Prepare a balance sheet of Ram furniture on the end of Asar 2075 from the following particulars: Rs. (®) tft (Capital) 5,00,000/- (@) Birth (Machinery) 2,00,000/- (1) arat#t (Debtors) 1,00,000/- (a) aaa FIT (Reserve fund) 70,000/- (¥) Gz WHT (Net profit) 3,00,000/- (=) a1 Alsat (Cash balance) 4,00,000/- (&) fat FF fact (Bills payment) 30,000/- (@) Wet EAT fact (Bills receivable) 2,00,000/- PAT:
  • 2 (3) RE-301 wag ‘W (Group 'C') TAS WRACSA ATA TAT PeqETT | 3xqo=20 Give long answers to the following questions. qy. cerat afta fg aise aera ee Biter arleeal TI TAT 448=70 Introduce bank and explain any six functions of commercial bank qy. feat aa arated saree wUaT A SaIweEaT FAT. HT. a qo (vara Ara) TAT TASTE | qe Prepare A.G.F. No. 10 (Goshwara Voucher) on the basis of following transactions of District Forest Office Ilam. (%) faft JowKIO voy AT aTaTaTT faa ET F.Y,00,0001- AT WE Se ATT Wet aT | On 2075-04-05 received Rs.5,00,000/- as revolving fund through Nepal Rastra Bank. (@) PAF 2OWKIO IFO AT, ¥,OOOL FI AAT AMA BIT AH A, OFNS AE LATTA arat | On 2075-04-10 issued a cheque no.0956 of Rs.5,000/- to establish petty cash fund. (1) ff JoWKIO WAR AT MAT aferaEt THT arateS HAT GT aTTT eH AF, OFY’ ale 4,000 /- Fest fegat On 2075-04-12 section officer Mr. Ramesh Karki was paid Rs.6,000/- for Travelling expenses Advance through cheque No. 0957. (a) Fife OMIOWAYR, S¥,000 a rT ate Te AH aOCKS Se AAA TAT | On 2075-04-15 Rs. 85,000/- paid for computer purchase through cheque no 0958. (3) faft RoWMIOwR, aT ara Ufearar aareat Tara 450,000 Hey Sra FATA &45,0001- C Aas &2.000 wenrdl atht tan AH a. 0848 Ae fate TAT | On 2075-04-25 the salary for the month of Shrawan Rs. 1,80,000 was distributed after deducting provident fund Rs. 18,000/- and income tax Rs. 2000/- through cheque No.0959. PAT:
  • 3 RE-301 (4) %&. farafetad ques secre Te oy anid HiearaT Gar lear Tae THETT! 40 Prepare statement of expenditure for the month of Kartik 2075 showing the following information. (%) wits Heat AHTaT Gt (Expenditure up to Kartik) (@) ST freA (Total revolving fund) (1) 3% Aivart (Bank balance) (a) tet were Gx GA (Net expenditure) (¥) ase ataét (Balance of budget) freer aft arate, Weare aoa aetar frase PRATATE | Following are the details of expenses in District Agriculture office Palpa. aae waa a.|aae sft afte fafratas &, | vetaearar ae &, | arta ast = (Budget |(Budget Heads) (Annual (Expenditure (Expenditure Head No.) appropriation Rs.) | upto Asoj Rs.) __| of Kartik Rs.) 21111 [aera (Salary) 1,80,000/- 45,000/- 15,000/- 21113 [sa (Allowance) 24,000/- 6,000/- 2,000.- erat AERA TA (Office expenses) | 12,000/- 4,000/- 1,000/- fafaer GA (miscellaneous expenses) | 10,000/- 4,000/- 2,000/- RRA BF (Programme expenses) | 8,000/- 3.000/- 1,000/- afar ATSTZ (Machinery Tools) |6,000/- 2,000/- 500/- FAT (Total) 2,40,000/- 64,000/- 21,500/- aq sere (Additional information): (A) Ale BITAT ATT B_YO,0OOl- Saez | Revolving fund balance Rs.50,000/- (al) Bees et ata Twat &Y,0001- Advance of Rs. 5,000 is not cleared. (3) Ara TAT HTT F, 2,0001- FT CATTAT ATT F 1 Petty cash fund established with Rs.2,000/- BS